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The Tax Collector is elected for a four-year term, collects Real Estate Taxes for the Township and the School District. She has hours at her home as noted on the tax bills (65 Verner Lane, Washington, PA 15301). Her office hours are 9 am - 1 pm Wednesdays with extended hours prior to discount periods. Phone calls are welcome at any time. Phone: 724-225-6270, Fax: 724-884-0117.

TWP Taxes Due Date
Discount 4/30
Face Value 6/30
Last Date to pay 12/31
prior to turning over  
to tax claim  

Tax Information

Pennsylvania legislators approve the taxation system for local governments. South Franklin Township has the following taxes, fees, etc. to provide funds to build and maintain roads and bridges; to build and maintain park and recreation facilities and to govern and administer state, county, and local mandates. New residents must register with the township office.

Real Estate Taxes

Tax on land, dwellings (mobile homes), in-ground pools, garages and accessory structures:

South Franklin Township ................ 9.7 mills

Fire Tax ..........................................1.3 mills

McGuffey School District ................114 mills

Washington County ........................ 21.4 mills

Real Estate Transfer Tax ................. 1% on sale of property (1/2% Twp., 1/2% School)

Local Service Tax or LST (formerly known as EMST) - Act 7 of 2007 Amending Act 511 of 1965

LST is levied at a rate of $52.00 per year on individuals working in South Franklin Township (in actuality the Township only collects $47.00 per year because the school district opted out of their collection). This tax will be withheld at a rate of $1.00 per week by the employer and remitted to the Township on a quarterly basis.

The following individuals are exempt from LST taxation:

  • Any person who is an honorably discharged veteran with 100% service-connected disability

  • Any person on active duty

  • Any person whose total earned income and net profits from all sources within the Township is less than $12,000 for the calendar year

Click here for information for Act 32 EIT Compliance for Self-Employed and Out-Of-State Employers



Per Capita ........................................ $10.00

Occupation ...................................... $10.00

Municipal Lien letter: $20.00 per parcel - Dye test required for all purchases including any resident system

Tax Certification .......................... $10.00 (R/E Tax Collector)

*The following information was taken from McGuffey School District webpage
Act 32 of 2008 

A study was initiated in 2004 by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to look at the state's system for collecting earned income tax at the local level. As a result, comprehensive reforms were enacted by the PA General Assembly in July 2008 and signed by the Governor as Act 32. The intent was to recover revenues lost due to the obsolete collection methods and provide municipalities more protections in the collection process. Act 32 reduces the 560 Earned Income Tax (EIT) collection entities across the Commonwealth to 69 Tax Collection Districts (TCD).  TCDs are ordinarily designated by the county boundaries, except Allegheny County which will be served by four TCDs.  School Districts that overlap county boundaries will be included in the TCD where the majority of its population lives.  Each TCD will be governed by a Tax Collection Committee (TCC). Collections under Act 32 will begin January 1, 2012.

What does this mean for employers starting January 1, 2012?

Employers must withhold taxes on behalf of employees and file returns with the Tax Officer selected by the TCD in which the employer is located.  For employers located in multiple counties, the Act permits the employer to file in a single TCD or multiple TCDs.  Many TCDs will collect both the Local Services Tax and Earned Income Tax from employers through a single Tax Officer.

What this means for taxpayers starting January 1, 2012?

In general, as of January 1, 2012, taxpayers who currently file quarterly local earned income tax returns will no longer be required to do so. Per Act 32, their employers must withhold local earned income tax.  Taxpayers will still be required to file final returns, reporting the amount of taxes withheld during the tax year. If for any reason an employer is exempt or fails to withhold taxes on behalf of any employee, the employee must still file and pay his or her local earned income taxes quarterly. Also, self-employed individuals must file quarterly returns, make quarterly payments and file a final return.

Act 32 Informational Video



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