Range Resources will start this Saturday, May 1, 2021 staging water trucks at the Phelan well site about halfway down Alamae Lakes Road for the frac process on the site off of Sturge Hollow.


“The frac will last about 18 days. The trucks will be full of reuse water, and will stage at the Phelan site until they can be escorted over by an escort vehicle. Magna will also help to provide some traffic control for the residents. It will be about 10 trucks an hour for 18 days, but important to note our trucks were going to go that route regardless, so this is just a way to keep them contained and coordinated. It is a 24 hour operation”


Please contact the Township if you have any additional concerns or questions. Questions and comments can also be sent and directed to the Range Resources Response Center ResponseCenter@rangeresources.com or 724-754-5999 for a direct response.