Township Taxes Due Date
Discount 4/30
Face Value 6/30
Last day to pay prior to turning over to tax claim 12/31
Real Estate Tax Collector

Carol Schilinski

The Tax Collector is elected for a four-year term, collects Real Estate Taxes for the Township and the School District. She has hours at her home as noted on the tax bills (65 Verner Lane, Washington, PA 15301). Her office hours are 9 am – 1 pm Wednesdays with extended hours prior to discount periods. Phone calls are welcome at any time. Phone: 724-225-6270, Fax: 724-884-0117.

Tax Information

Pennsylvania legislators approve the taxation system for local governments. South Franklin Township has the following taxes, fees, etc. to provide funds to build and maintain roads and bridges; to build and maintain park and recreation facilities and to govern and administer state, county, and local mandates. New residents must register with the township office.